Are We Not Men? WE ARE DEVO! Deviants in a . . . . . . Post-Modern World

"This book is as close as anyone will ever come to explaining where Devo's brilliant absurdity came from, and more importantly, why it was so culturally essential."

-Chuck Klosterman, SPIN magazine

"I read a bio of Devo over the weekend. I recommend it. The book focuses heavily on the band's first five years, which is the juicy part of the tale."


"With their weird, home-baked philosophy and robotic rock, Devo were as much an art project as a band. The authors do an admirable job of describing that project's evolution, painting a detailed portrait of the Akron, Ohio scene that produced Devo."

-J.D. Considine, BLENDER magazine

"An extensively researched history of the group, largely drawing on original interview material with principal band members. Devo were an example of art and industry coming together to produce a unique musical hybrid. The authors' balanced history captures this perfectly and urges you to listen to Devo afresh."

-Edwin Pouncey, THE WIRE

"When Devo's concepts and music wormed their way into my consciousness, I realized that this was the new prog; this is the future; this is all that matters. De-evolution became my religion, education, and inspiration. It's high time this amazing story was told."

-Robert Pollard, GUIDED BY VOICES

"This book tells the entire tale: There's the young Mark Mothersbaugh's obsession with his Mr. Potato Head toy, the public's initial incomprehension of the Ohio spudboys, sidekick Booji Boy, Devo's 'Jocko Homo' creed, the improbable success of 'Whip It,' and the band's disintegration."

-Fred Mills, MAGNET

"Aimed at both diehard fans and those who aren't as familiar with the group, this is the first book-length survey of Devo's origins and exploits. It grows into an engaging read from many angles, providing tasty insights, while always managing to keep the group's satirical, political core at the center of the operation."

-Alex Reynolds, GROOVES magazine

"An entertaining portrait of a time, a place and an attitude that still resonates today -- even for readers who aren't particular fans of Devo. And the authors bring a credible breadth and depth of knowledge to their subject."

-Susan Edwards, WEEKLY PLANET

"Succinctly peels back the complicated layers of a band. Regardless of Devo’s insistence that truth can not be known, this book convincingly exposes the creation of a cult phenomenon."


"Given the propensity of Devo to propagate misinformation about themselves, it is comforting to finally have a book that appears to draw all threads of these men, who lived so deliberately, into a knot of actual events. Inspiring stuff."

-Phaedra Velvet, ROCK SOUND magazine

"Challenges readers to consider the entire life cycle of Devo, not simply the lasting image. It certainly elevates the band and invites more retrospection to their place in rock history. The book also achieves a humbler task, teasing out the humanity of these robotic performers."


"Over three years in the making, this book about Akron, Ohio's Devo chronicles the band's early days in meticulous detail. Dellinger and Giffels situate the band in the context of '70s Northeast Ohio... In the end, it nails the band that prided itself on sounding like 'falling apart.' "

-Editor's Pick, HEAR-SAY: America's College Music Magazine

"Now, finally, the Devo story is told in this new book. It has been thoroughly researched, including interviews with band members. There are plenty of previously unknown Devo facts to learn, and there are some great rare photographs as well."

-Greg Prato, CLASSIC ROCK magazine

"Devo was definitely the nuclear core of that little Akron explosion back in the late-'70s. I was there, but I still laughed out loud reading and simultaneously remembering it. I recommend this book to anyone who needs to know, 'Why Devo? Why.Akron?'"

-Rod.Firestone, RUBBER CITY REBELS & manager of THE CRYPT,.Akron

"Devo is more intelligent than most rock bands, and this book is correspondingly more intelligent than most books about rock bands. As the world's most fervent Devo worshipper, I'm ecstatic to find my clay-footed gods treated right, for.once."


2009 Update:
New Paperback Edition

"This is the band of the.future."

"Of all the bands who came from
the underground and actually
made it in the mainstream,
Devo is the most challenging
and subversive of

With staggeringly catchy electro-pop riffs, Devo carved a niche that set them apart from the mish-mash of rock, punk, and new wave that surrounded them in the late 1970s...

Led by
Mark Mothersbaugh and Jerry Casale, the overarching philosophical principle that drove them -- "De-evolution" -- engendered a theory that mankind, rather than progressing, was actually going backwards.

Their first major label album, produced by
Brian Eno in 1977, was light years ahead of its time. With their 1980 album, FREEDOM OF CHOICE, they had honed their pared-down pop to produce the razor-sharp "Girl You Want" and the million-selling smash single "Whip It."

Players in Devo's history range from
Neil Young and Joe Walsh to David Bowie and Iggy Pop. In recent years, Devo's songs have been covered by Nirvana, Moby, Rage Against The Machine, and Soundgarden, to name but a few.

The thirst for knowledge about these pop pioneers is huge, but until now, the printed word has eluded Devo. Authors
Jade Dellinger and David Giffels have interviewed band members and their associates, ransacked their archives to provide more than 100 illustrations, memorabilia, and rare photographs documenting Devo's entire career, and re-evaluated their complete works to provide an exhaustive survey of the Devo phenomenon...

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October 2008

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